Keep Calm and Chive On KCCO T Shirts

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Keep Calm and Chive On KCCO T Shirts

Stabilitees Funny Keep Calm and Chive On KCCO Chivers T Shirts, All Colours, All Genders

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'Keep Calm and Chive On': What Does This Expression Mean? 

KCCO is really a modern slang expression in the same way 'Hang Loose', 'Be Cool', 'Live and Let Live' were popular in decades past. KCCO is a youthful and modern way way to say 'don't stress too much about life, just enjoy it'.

Who we are?

Stabilitees is a t shirts company based in Camden Town / London who creates cool vintage funny t shirts, vests, tanks tops, hoodies from themes in the news, pop culture, politics, religions, music and of course history (we like the 80s!).

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